Here are some of the questions that we are getting asked. If you can’t find an answer to your question here, you can always drop us a message on our live chat (in the bottom right corner), or email us at

Why should we choose Happy Days Club for our Wrap-around care?

Happy Days Club is on site at school. We work in the school and we work with the school. You drop your child off at School in the morning and your child doesn’t have to leave the school grounds until you pick them back up in the evening. Pure peace of mind.

We are also owned and operated by an Ofsted approved Advanced Skills Teacher and one of our key principles is that we offer an extension of the learning environment. Whilst first-class care and fun are our top priorities, making sure we’re working with you and the school to support your child’s learning as you see fit, is core to what we’re do.

Can I book ad-hoc sessions if I work shift patterns, or I suddenly need to use your wrap-around care?

Absolutely! We want to make managing your wrap-around care as easy as possible. You can check availability, book and pay online using our online booking tool here. 

If we do have spaces available, you can book them via our booking platform under our Ad-Hoc activity. 

Please note, if you haven’t already registered with us, you’ll need to register before you book, as we’ll need to register you as a customer and make sure that we have all of the relevant information from you prior to your child starting.

Do you offer a sibling discount?

As parents, we know how expensive child care can be. At Happy Days we want to make your childcare as affordable as possible. We are offering a 10% discount for all subsequent siblings that you register with our pay monthly wrap-around service. 

Sibling discount is not available for ad hoc bookings, or for our Holiday Club.

Where is Happy Days Club located?

Happy Days Club is located on-site within  St Charles’ Catholic Primary, Hazlewood Community Primary and Darras Hall Primary.

Our breakfast sessions start from 7.30am until the school bell where children are taken to their classrooms by Breakfast Club Staff. Supervision then passes to a member of the school staff

Our afternoon sessions run from the school bell until 5.45pm where children are collected from their classrooms and signed into the club by the after school club leader.

After you drop your child off with us in the morning, they never have to leave the school site until you pick them up from us in the evening. Peace of mind for you and your child.

Who are you?

We are Emma Longbotham and Beth Hazon. Emma is a former Assistant Head Teacher for a Newcastle secondary school and a Governor of a Newcastle primary School. Beth is a marketing consultant and Board Member at Pregnant Then Screwed. Emma is also a parent of two children in St Charles’.

We work to an open door policy and encourage parents to speak with us and our amazing team with any feedback.

How much does Happy Days Club charge?

To view our prices for this academic year, please visit our prices page.

Are you part of the Tax Free Childcare (TFC) government scheme?

Yes, we are. Please make sure to inform us of your TFC reference code so we can reconcile your account.

How do I book?

If you would like to book please register, simply register your details on our booking platform

Click the “Create an Account” button. If you encounter any difficulties, the “Help?” section on the top right-hand side of the website provides step-by-step instructions. Setting up your account and adding your children’s details will take around 5 to 10 minutes.

How do I pay?

Academic year bookings

Our fees are calculated from your start date  over the remaining academic year and divided into equal monthly payments which are due at the beginning of each month. 

On our booking platform you can choose pay via:

Card Payments: After your initial online payment during booking, subsequent instalments will be automatically processed on the same date each month, with a reminder sent five days before.

Childcare Vouchers and Tax-Free Childcare: Please remember to instruct your voucher or scheme to make the payment to us on each due date and advise us of any ref number on your account for reconciliation purposes.

Standing Order: For those who prefer standing orders, you can set up payments using our bank details noted on the bottom of your invoice. 

Ad-hoc Bookings:

When you book an ad hoc session online, you’ll need to pay to confirm your booking. There’s a link to make a payment in the booking journey via credit or debit card.

Once you make the payment, your booking will be confirmed via email. 

Holiday Club:

When you book holiday sessions online, you can pay via credit / debit card, Childcare Vouchers or Tax-Free Childcare. 

Where are the drop off / pick up points at each school?

Main school entrance for each of our locations unless stated otherwise in parent/carer comms. Please look out for the Happy Days Club doorbell. 

Who do I tell if my child is not coming?

Please call or text the Club mobile on:

St Charles Catholic Primary:  07526 500 278

Hazlewood Community Primary: 07395 659 170

Darras Hall Primary: 07746 914 528

Please do not send an email as it may not be seen in time prior to the session. 

Do you take childcare vouchers?

Yes we do and if your provider isn’t on our list, please let us know and we’re happy to sign up.

Do I still have to pay if my child doesn’t attend a session?

Term time places are regular and paid for regardless if you actually use them or not.  

We hire staff for all booked yearly sessions throughout the school year, maintaining a strict child-to-staff ratio in accordance with Ofsted guidelines to ensure proper supervision and care.

Why have I been charged a late fee?

If you collect your child after 5.45pm a penalty fee of £8 per family per 15 minutes will be charged. If you feel it is very unfair as there were exceptional circumstances then please do contact us by email on

When will I know about my place in September?

We are unable to allocate places until we know which children are leaving as we run at full capacity with waiting lists for most sessions so please expect an update from us in July.

Which holidays are you open?

We open all school holidays except for the Christmas break.

How do I change my holiday sessions?

All holiday places are paid for on booking. 

Cancellations made with more than 7 days notice receive a credit for future child care.

Ready to register?

You can view our prices here or if you’re ready to register, you can continue below.