Here are some of the questions that we are getting asked. If you can’t find an answer to your question here, you can always drop us a message on our live chat (in the bottom right corner), or email us at

Why should we choose Happy Days Club for our Wrap-around care?

Happy Days Club is on site at school. We work in the school and we work with the school. You drop your child off at School in the morning and your child doesn’t have to leave the school grounds until you pick them back up in the evening. Pure peace of mind.

We are also owned and operated by an Ofsted approved Advanced Skills Teacher and one of our key principles is that we offer an extension of the learning environment. Whilst first-class care and fun are our top priorities, making sure we’re working with you and the school to support your child’s learning as you see fit, is core to what we’re do.

Can I book ad-hoc sessions if I work shift patterns, or I suddenly need to use your wrap-around care?

Absolutely! We want to make managing your wrap-around care as easy as possible. You can check availability, book and pay online using our online booking tool. Please note, if you haven’t already registered with us, you’ll need to register before you book, as we’ll need to register you as a customer and make sure that we have all of the relevant information from you prior to your child starting. You can register online and we’ll email you everything you need.

When are you opening?

We’re open! We opened our doors on the 22nd November 2021, so Happy Days is up and running. If you would like to register, simply complete our registration form. If you’ve already registered and want to book your child in, you can book and pay online.

Do you offer a sibling discount?

As parents, we know how expensive child care can be. At Happy Days we want to make your childcare as affordable as possible. We are offering a 10% discount for all subsequent siblings that you register with our pay monthly wrap-around service. Unfortunately, sibling discount is not available for ad hoc bookings, or for our Holiday Club.

Where is Happy Days Club located?

No more walks along the road in the rain. Happy Days Club is located on site at our schools. After you drop your child off with us in the morning, they never have to leave the school site until you pick them up from us on the evening. Peace of mind for you and your child.

Who are you?

Hey! We are Emma Longbotham and Beth Hazon. Emma is a former Assistant Head Teacher for a Newcastle secondary school and a Governor of a Newcastle primary School. Beth is a owner and Co founder of Do Gooder Studio — a Creative agency in Newcastle set-up to do great work for good causes. Emma is also a parent of two children in St Charles’.

How much does Happy Days Club charge?

To view our prices for this academic year, please visit our prices page.

Are you part of the Tax Free Childcare (TFC) government scheme?

Yes, we are.

I have booked an ad hoc session with you, but how do I pay?

When you book an ad hoc session online, you’ll need to pay to confirm your booking. There’s a link to make a payment in the booking journey. You can pay by credit or debit card, or via Apple Pay or Google Pay. Once you make the payment, your booking will be confirmed both on-screen and via email. We also have a payment page where you can make any outstanding payments. Simply enter the amount you owe and pay using one of the aforementioned services.

Ready to register?

You can view our prices here or if you’re ready to register, you can continue below.